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Land Loans for Hunting or Development

You know the scene: You’re driving in the back roads of Northern Minnesota, and you see a sign that says “Land for Sale.” Your mind wanders as you dream of what could be.

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Lakeshore Lot Financing

If you’re like many Minnesotans, your lakeshore dreams will start with a lake lot. A cabin on the lake can be many things: A secluded wilderness retreat, a friendly neighborhood where the kids can disappear for hours with friends, or just a place to get away from everything and fish. 

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Hunting Land Loans

Why Buy Hunting Land?

For many this is a generational story. Those of us who own land upon which we have garnered many memories of hunting together can answer this question with ease. “It’s a place we can call our own, always return to, and pass on for upcoming generations.”

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Loans for Seasonal Cabins

Whether you’re looking for a lake cabin or a small cabin in the woods, Northern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin are full of them. Three-season cabins run the gamut from primitive and rustic to homey, cozy, and full of charm, and they’re often more affordable than larger year-round cabins. This can make them a great option to buy for family summer vacations or weekend trips. 

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Log Home on a Lake: The Northwoods Dream

Is there anything more classically “Up North” than a log home on a lake? You can probably see it in your mind’s eye: A gorgeous log home with a wraparound porch, stands of aspen and red pine behind it with a clear, spring-fed lake lapping at the shoreline out front. In that lake are walleye, bass, crappie, and muskies. The woods around abound with deer, birds, and small game. 

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Lake Home Loans from Northview Bank

Whether it’s on the shore of Winnibigoshish, White Iron, or the Woman Lake Chain, a lake home is a special place. It calls to us in our harried urban lives, beckoning us to come, relax, and spend some quality time with the ones we love—what could be better?

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Loans for Hobby Farms

It’s not always about the lake. Some people look for a ten, forty, or larger acreage retreat where they can do a little gardening, maybe raise some chickens, and build some stands to get the ultimate organic food - venison. Whether you're dreaming of retirement or a vacation hobby farm Northview Bank is here to help.

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Loans for Mobile & Manufactured Homes

By now you have probably found the place you were looking for and have begun to wonder if you could ever get the manufactured home financed. Well, rest easy because Northview Bank has a long history of financing mobile homes. We even make loans on single wides.

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RV Loans in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Northview Bank services RV loans. For many who buy vacant land or a lake lot, a recreational vehicle is their first form of shelter. Whether they leave a travel trailer at the property or drive a motorhome back and forth, RVs provide an affordable and comfortable abode. At Northview Bank we are excited to finance your vacation dreams, whether that’s a cabin, land, or an RV.

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Loans for Country Homes

Country Home in the Upper Midwest

Getting away from the rat race whether for a weekend or for a permanent home is the dream of many midwesterners. Living in the country affords you the opportunity to live life at a slower pace and live it on your own terms. People dream of a life with no rush hour, chirping birds, and more open space.

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